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Dr. Mariyam Zabeen

I would like to share my journey with Aim MRCOG with all the aspirants .After my part-1 in 2018, I decided to give part-2 only after attending Dr. Shweta's urodynamic session one day randomly.. That session was one of my favourite. It was fantastic and u cant learn more then this in simplified  way. That day I decided to take part-2 with her regular and crash course.. She keeps motivating us in every session. I am always excited for question answer session .she gives us courage to attempt each question. I learnt the art of reading questions after the course only. I followed the course schedule  consistently .I have to tell about the contraception session. That was really mind blowing and i  never had such clear concepts before. she ll not let you go out of the track.. she never spoon feed us she clears concepts and make u think... clearly tells u whats needed and whats not .My journey doesn't end there. Every mock exams were like real exams and that boosts ur confidence level. she s such a lovely mentor, she has even taught us to think and pull our nerves in peak stress and techniques of handling  it. I took her recall session also that was really really helping. And now finally in my first attempt I cleared my exam.. I have no words to express my gratitude towards her. she has put her maximum effort to push us towards our success...Her mesmerising voice s always ringing in my ears ,felt like hearing and revising  sessions again and again..  Many more success waiting in our mrcog family....... I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you so much Dr Shwetha for helping n guiding us with your Passion n Experience. Thank u mam. actually I wanted to add so many about each sessions but unfortunately pages ll not be enough to describe it ..really I never wanted to miss any session live .so I tried my maximum to exchange my duties to attend ur session keep rocking as always.. aim mrcog ll be blooming inshallah


Dr. Revathi RB.

This is Dr Revathi, I joined AIM MRCOG crash course. Last 2 months for July exam, I was totally lost and by God's grace I came across Shweta mam's youtube video. Mam is a great teacher, she makes the concepts crystal clear. One of the greatest advantage of AIM MRCOG is, it One woman army, and we will not have any inconsistency in teaching and mam is available 24 hours for our doubts (not only exam related but also on personal front). Apart from being a fantabulous teacher she is a great human being. She gives One-to-one care and you will not be lost in big groups. I feel so blessed that I joined AIM MRCOG at the right time. I would have not done it without you Shweta mam. Thank you, I can't express enough to tell you how grateful I am to you all. Without all the discussions in the group, it would have been very difficult
to remember some important concepts in exam.


Dr. Akriti Agarwal

I am really thankful to the whole team of aim mrcog and definitely my heartful thanks to Dr Shweta for making it possible. I feel really blessed and lucky to have joined this group under guidance of Shweta maam. She is a great mentor as she pays attention to each and every student personally,  always available on all fronts. The lectures conducted covered everything and the mocks were very helpful for practice. The way she made us do questions and attempt them especially emqs is very good. How to read the guidelines , what should be the approach towards solving questions , how to attempt all this was given special emphasis in the course. She always used to motivate all her students to do better and better.
I will recommend each a d every person to join her and pass MRCOG under her guidance. Thanks a lot Dr Shweta ma'am. God bless you. I'm so happy and pleased that i took my lessons for MRCOG part 2 preparation with AIM MRCOG.  Dr. Shweta went out of her way to make sure every student stays motivated and did provide personalised coaching. I was able to contact her anytime of the day and she would always reply with her contagious energy and enthusiasm. All her lectures and Q&A sessions are precise and cover all the important topics. My Journey with AIM MRCOG was very productive and informative. Looking forward to start my MRCOG part 3 preparation with Dr Shweta Sonthalia :)


Dr. Farheen Sheikh

My dear Dr shewta I have no words to thanks you as you are the reason that I attempted and cleared part 2 .I have attempted twice before not able to clear with mis guidance rather than guidance.then I literally dropped the idea of doing it but then I heard your urodynamics and other lecture s on YouTube I realized that that's the way I studied. You are so knowledgeable down to earth and considerate you proofed in the lectures I used to msg you any time without hesitation and you replied clearing all the doubts and stood by us all. her time table is doable and she make you to revise tm again and again. a woman with kind heart love and respect for every student, great teaching skills and her lectures and summaries were awesome covering whole topic in just 3 hrs. she too had sleepless nights with all of us. mrcog was my dream which I dropped but now I have started living my dream thanks from the bottom of my heart


This is Dr Rupa here I have cleared part 2 in this july attempt,  I had joined Dr. Shweta's crash course after watching her videos in YouTube,  I was impressed by her presentation s and how easily she made things from the guidelines. After joining her course I got clarity in many minute points of the guidelines which I had confusion in and most of the questions were directly from the points she emphasized on. The recalls session were a huge help and I truly owe my success to Dr. Shweta, thank u mam , thanks a lot

Dr. Rupa Brahma


Dr. Arthi Thangavel

Got my result. I cleared the exam Thank you very much. I got 66%  I could have done much better with the materials and support you gave me. But I didn't make use of them properly. So I'm glad I passed. And all Thanks to you. Would not have been possible without you. Only after listening to your class, I have understood how much topics I have not covered. And you have made learning very simple and sustainable with all the lectures and materials. I have gotten serious about the exam only after joining AIM mrcog. The constant support and motivation from you is quite commendable. Thanks


Thank you mam.. Actually your videos were a constant source of motivation and I have always admired your way of looking into the topic and the way you simplified them. Thank a lot You should be proud to be one of the best teachers thank you

Dr. Shobhana R.


Dr. Priyadarshini Nayak

" Hi ma'am It is one of my best decision to join your course. Though I am unable to attend the classes regularly, I listened to recording. These are extremely helpful to clear the concept and doubt. You know exactly where a student will face difficulty and u easily Clear those things in class. I felt confident over the module and solving questions after attending the class and listening to recordings. Thank you for your efforts ma'am. It was a great session. You made the TOG much easier. The way you make us understand the importance of each word of the question and the meaning behind it is simply awesome. Earlier I was afraid to attend the questions. Now I am enjoying by solving those. Thank you ma'am. "

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"Everything in your lecture was excellent good summaries helping to retain and above all u keep responding to my question each and every time whether related to prep and other things U keep us tension free. always clear concepts. and really it is very difficult to cover all topics in such a short time which u do the best mentor and guide I am amazed how Dr Shweta prepares her lecture she cover guidelines and imp topics our queries along with all most all sbas. "

Dr. Farheen sheikh


Dr. Sheikh Mumtaz Begum

Hi Dr Shweta MRCOG syllabus is very vast, you simplified it Into well-organized modules Core skills and post operative Module was very hard to study on my own Since you have a practical Knowledge in Laparoscopy the way you explained us Made the difficult one very easy to understand and able to solve the SBA and EMQS Similarly The infertile module was Very long and difficult to get the complete concept. Again, with your practical Knowledge, you made it Easy to understand it And able to solve the Question By providing us the relevant TOGs, we can completely understanding the subject Which we cannot get just reading the guidelines only Listening to your class makes Us to know the how to read and understand The guidelines, TOGs And to answer the questions At the end we need to Work hard to get everything what you are providing us.

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" I would like to say that lectures are conceptual rather than mugging of copy paste stuff. Once a concept is clear, we do not need much effort to solve any type of book. Added, your way of folder making by joining sessions of togs guides and q bank of same together is phenomenal. You have the technique of fishing into the confusion pits in your slides and elaborating them way before they can make us feel helpless or hopeless, so hardly a point is left to raise a question at the end of lecture. Your slides are easy and compact. Above all, your tone is perfect for my mind and ears. Love you loads "

Dr. Yasmin khan


"Hello ma'am. I have not been very regular to attend all your sessions live, but I do listen to them later and u really have put lot of efforts to make those presentations and clear very basic doubts which anyone can have. The lectures are very precise to the point and covers all important aspects. And the most important part is question solving, the way u make us read questions and help us find answers is the best part of your course. Option wise discussion as to why and which option should be chosen and is right helps me a lot. I am really happy that I chose u as my mentor and joined your course. Thank you so much for your efforts Actually, truly speaking doing questions with u, it Actually feels so so easy. It looks like I can answer any question now. Thank you for your great efforts"

Dr. Aakriti Agrawal

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"Hi madam I really appreciate how u struggle hard to teach us n put your maximum efforts to make things easier. Thank u for clearing our concepts thank u very much Dr. Shweta the session was very good. The slides were well made with optimal content which was easy for understanding. You explained the concepts very well and most important was the pace at which you conducted the session. Enjoyed the session very much. Thank you"

Dr. Suvarna Vagholkar


"Madam I want to thank for all your efforts u made with us in this part 2 journey. U made me strong enough that I had appeared in exam. Now whatever would be my result but I would remain thankful to you always. Mam I will not leave your mentor ship unless I reached my destination Inshallah."

Dr. Sadaf Irshad

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"I am very satisfied with the course I am doing the questions that you send every day. I found that the mock exam and EMQ'S are very helpful and realized how silly errors may have affected my results in the past. I am catching up on reading as well. Thanx for all your hard work . I found your teaching very useful in giving me structure."

Dr. Rigby Giovani


Dr. Shilpa Tholia

Hello all, here is my story and wanted to share with you all. It may be helpful for someone. I cleared my mrcog part 2. So thankful to Shweta mam. It was not my first attempt. was not able to cross the line, left everytime with very thin margin. I was very distressed and I should say depressed but wanted to clear this exam. I talked to Shweta mam and joined your course. Due to work commitments I was not regular in studies but I attended classes regularly. Even I withdrew from July attempt due to fear. In September again I didn't have the courage to appear in exam as you know mam & But you gave me mental support also.
Tust did your videos and as you kept in those videos during my revision. But I realized that I was more clear in my head after listening those videos. On Exam day I traveled for 4 hrs than reached my exam center but I was not afraid. I did my exam confidently. And by God's grace I cleared exam. I am so thankful to you mam. You are an excellent teacher. I was lucky enough that I joined you. Thank you once again.


Hello ma'am
Thanks for your hard efforts to guide us. Your classes are very helpful in clearing our concepts and building confidence to solve the question.
It was wonderful, systematic session. It helped me what should be the approach to solve question. Your hard work making things easy for us.
Labour module: It is like a complex topic explained very simplified manner. Thanks for this extraordinarily wonderful session.
Thankyou ma'am

Dr. Beena Chauhan


Hi dr .it was really awesome. Felt very easy to revise. I am hearing the recordings again and again that helps me a lot to remember things. thank for ur efforts mam.Your sessions are too good. u keep us motivating us all the time highlighting important points to focus is really helpful. Thank u so much. blessed to have u as mentor. Labour module: Nice way of learning. You made things simplified for us especially very minute details of ctg which v cannot imagine.
Your class on obs emergency s really awesome. Helpful in remembering things in order easy to revise. u keep motivating us clears concept. Thanks for your constant efforts for us mam.

Dr. Mariyam Zabeen Anzar


Hi lovely, The recordings are very good, I've been listening to them whilst driving, and will obviously go through them
again, but you stress upon the most important points and give us clues in what to focus. Do you know how many recordings there will be? It is so l know when I will finish them for the first ttime. Thank you

 Dr. Devina Lalwani

testimonials img1.jpeg

Good evening, ma'am
lam really enjoying the recordings.
You make the guidelines very simplified making it easier for us to read and understand the guidelines
Thank you.

 Dr. Abrahim D Muhammad


The classes are crisp clear and all the possible sbas and em questions are highlighted well. Complex scenarios are simplified to make us understand better.
thank you, mam, for all your efforts …course fee also veryeconomical.
Thank you mam. Today's class was excellent, you just make things easier, I really feel that you are teaching us exactly the way how you prepared for your exam.

Dr. Asha Shihas

testimonials img1.jpeg

Hi, it is too good, I liked it and got an idea of how to learn. Well done.

 Dr. Shobhana R


The teaching sessions are really really really good!
You take out the important concepts from these very long guidelines that can be very tedious and confusing. Doing the questions helps us to focus in
on applying the knowledge because after reading you think " great I understand " then when you try a question you get confused. I like the pop quizzes within the survey format on Telegram as well. Keep doing a WONDERFUL job. Your Mentorship and Guidance is really appreciated

Dr. Bridgette Benoit


Hello Madam
You are really doing a great job
The lectures are well organized and
how u summarize really makes things
easier. I hardly read d guidelines with
your lectures. Thanks for the effort you
are putting for us

Dr. Safiya Zahradeen


The sessions are very educative and
straight to the point.
l enjoy every session that I have
attended so far.

Dr. Ummehaani ja’far

testimonials img1.jpeg

Your lectures are very very very good. Excellent. I have before 2 courses and gave exam two times but could not succeed. I am not able to attend full lecture, but I really enjoy whatever time I attend and listen to it.
Go ahead, you are excellent and one day you will be the first mentor in MRCOG . I wish you best in life. Continue doing the excellent work

Dr. Reda



I follow schedule and recordings
also. your notes are so much good

testimonials img1.jpeg

You will get good reviews. All your lectures are so explanatory. I do not go back to guideline to check anything. Questions you ask at end of each topic helps as well. Thank you, ma’am. I pray.God grant all your heart desires and we all pass and make you proud. Your notes were really good. Cos, I saw so many questions lifted from your note. The issue I did not have time to go through those notes

   Dr. Sadiya Musa gwadabe


You know ma'am, I really love and appreciate the way you simplify complex and confusing topics and guidelines. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

 Dr. Dele OmoLayo

testimonials img1.jpeg

thank you for everything. your support, your
studying pattern. everything was really
good and perfect
preparation was really good with u.
thank u doc.
your notes. videos helped me lots
even for mv practice

 Dr. Yasmin Moosa


Sessions are great as it helped inclearing the concept that how to attempt the questions. Thanks Dr Shweta for your help Labor module was very nice and informative for us. And you also make important points highlighted for us so easy to go through the topic. Thank you, Dr Shweta, for your efforts

Dr Shweta your lecture about obstetrics emergency was too good and informative. I feel really good to join your group for my preparation!!

 Dr. Shazia Najeeb


Thanks, dear Dr Shweta for stressing on so many important points from the subject point of view and also from the exam point of view. The practice questions at the end of the sessions with the solutions and our active participation is v encouraging too. We r blessed to have u as mentor to guide us thru this time The way u have prepared the togs, I do not think we need to read them any more as u have v nicely explained and brought out the imp points and correlated them. I think after this if we go to read those togs, we will be in confusion galore and so also with the nice guideline on infertility. Waiting to go thru the recording of today’s class. Only thing I can say is that u made a dry and drab topic so juicy and palatable. thank you so much for the same. I think I will be able to remember the matter once I go thru the recording. At least the concept has become clear and so I want to learn it. Thanks, a pile for instilling that will in me for this topic!

 Dr. Gopa Swarup


Today's class was excellent OVERWHELMING actually, this module is difficult for me U made us understand and summarize it so well. You made it easy for US Thank you so much.

Dr. Reema


Thanks Dr Shweta my dedicated Mentor. The knowledge u shared very much informative and clarifying from subject point of view and exam point of view. Awesome u made our studies easier and approachable, highly recommend.

Dr. Naila Saleem

testimonials img1.jpeg

Dr. Rehana Yasmeen

You put your maximum effort to teach us and try to make difficult topics palatable for us... really really appreciable. thanks a lot....The topics which I always find difficult to absorb like VTE... and many others are made easy by and above the motivation which we get is appreciable. In teaching session, you cleared our concepts and made things easier and understandable. thanks

Medical Team


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