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AIM MROCG is an online mentorship platform for MRCOG aspiring candidates. We at AIM MRCOG believe in Smart and Efficient study approach. MRCOG syllabus is vast, and it is the Strategy which would be deciding factor for aspirants to be successful

AIM MRCOG was founded by our Course director and Chief Mentor, Dr Shweta Sonthalia to follow her passion of teaching as well as offer the candidates the Tips and Tricks to pass MRCOG. She herself achieved the rare feat of clearing all parts of MRCOG in first attempt and the same she wants for her students.

We combine the MROCG syllabus with the best technology and present to our candidates the platform where they can learn and retain in easy and effective way so that they deliver their best on the exam day.

We constantly take feedback from our course students as well as students in our online groups of Telegram and Facebook. This appreciation and suggestions motivate us to bring the best out of us so we can deliver what is expected from AIM MRCOG. Communication is a two-way process, and we strive on these feedbacks to improve and improvise ourselves.

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